The mission of Lilac City Behavioral Services is to promote the public understanding and application of behavioral science throughout Eastern Washington by providing the highest standard of therapeutic services in our home, community, and clinic based ABA treatment programs and by offering behavioral consultation, professional development & coaching services for agencies, families and educators working with individual with challenging behavior in our communities.

About the Company

Lilac City Behavioral Services was founded in March 2016 on the premise that all children have a right to effective behavioral supports in their homes, communities and schools. We offer an approach to Applied Behavior Analytic therapy which sets us apart. Rather than focus on discrete skills taught at a table or other isolated setting we focus primarily on skills which will have a substantial impact in our clients lives in both the short term and in terms of long term outcomes. All of our services are based on an individualized assessment and treatment plan development process through which we collaborate with you to design an approach that will work well for your child and for your family.


We focus on skills which will have the most substantial and long term impact on learning and engagement in life activities; skills which will support our clients later in life such as learning to communicate their wants and needs, practicing participating in daily routines, learning to tolerate being given directions or requests from caregivers or being told "no." For our younger clients our focus typically includes working on functional communication training and foundational learning skills to allow them to be successful in typical school/preschool environments. For our older clients we often focus on gaining a variety of daily living skills, leisure skills, and life skills to build independence in a variety of activities. For all our clients we work on reducing challenging behavior and building communication skills on an ongoing basis. Our assessment and treatment plans are based on research based and validated tools to ensure we are providing the most ethical and effective services possible 



About the CEO

Jeffrey Kalles is a nationally Board Certified Behavior Analyst and K-12 special education teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Education in special education and a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western New England University. While completing his graduate studies, Jeffrey worked at the New England Center for Children, a leading clinical and research center in the field of ABA for over 40 years. Jeffrey has worked with individuals with exceptionalities for over a decade, and is experienced at providing individualized education to his clients as well as training and coaching for families and care providers.


Jeffrey has continually sought out positions working with students who exhibit severe or challenging behavior both in public school and residential facilities and has made an educational impact in these positions by seeking first to understand his clients and their interests as well as factors which motivate any challenging behavior they exibit. He also workes diligently to coordinate with staff to increase their ability to teach effectively. Jeffrey approaches his work with each client from the perspective that all persons have an ability to learn and communicate, regardless of disability or diagnosis and in providing professional development, focuses on instilling this perspective in those adults with whom he is working so they may have a lasting impact on the individuals in their care.