Our Services

Clinic-Based Services

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We offer clinic-based services through the WA Apple Health 48-Day Intensive Treatment Clinic Program. The ABA Day Treatment Program is a short-term day treatment program that provides comprehensive and intensive services to young children (2 to 5 years old) with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. The program uses empirically-supported behavioral intervention strategies as the primary mode of treatment. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach is used, so that additional expertise (e.g., speech therapy) is incorporated into the programming as needed. The philosophy of the program is rooted in the principles of ABA.


Lilac City Behavioral Services, PLLC is an approved Day Treatment Program and meets all qualification and applicable licensure or certification requirements as outlined by the Washington State Health Care Authority​

The purpose of the program is to build a foundation of skills to support access to ongoing care and participation in other environments.


The program focuses on:

  • learner readiness skills

  • functional communication skills

  • independence through 1:1 intervention as well as family and caregiver support and education.​ 

ABA Day Treatment Program Components

  • 48 comprehensive treatment days (3hrs per day, 12hrs per week, M-Th)

  • 1:1 staffing ratio with at least one LBA/LABA and enough CBTs to meet the 1:1 staffing ratio

  • Weekly Consultation with Speech and Language Services

  • Weekly Parent and caregiver education and training

  • Ongoing, Comprehensive coordination of care

Home-Based & Community Services
We provide comprehensive and person-centered in-home and community-based ABA services for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We offer 1:1 ABA therapy with a client, & Parent & Family training and coaching as well as support for working with school systems and other agencies to ensure access to appropriate services for your child and family.

1:1 ABA Therapy

For clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we offer 1:1 therapeutic support in home and community environments. ABA services begin with an evaluation conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and are provided with 1:1 support based on the needs identified in that evaluation and ongoing consultation with you and your family. Currently, we are accepting TriCare insured and private pay clients. Please contact us if you are in need of services.

Parent Training & Coaching

As part of our comprehensive in-home supports, we offer weekly training and coaching sessions to support parents and caregivers of clients in how best to prevent and respond to challenging behavior when it occurs. Training can cover a variety of topics, including a foundational understanding of ABA, practice with specific strategies to support persons with Autism, and brainstorming solutions related to any challenging situations which may occur.

Educational Support

We also offer support to families who desire assistance navigating special education processes or in resolving disagreements with school staff related to their child's education. We approach such disagreements from a collaborative, and solutions-focused perspective, always related to the needs of the student and are able to provide an independent review of educational documents, as well as in-person support at conferences or IEP meetings as needed.


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Educational Consultation & Student-Support Services
Our educational consultation services are intended to provide support and consultation to school staff to support students in special education or students who exhibit challenging behavior in school settings. We are happy to provide assistance in the context of any of the following services:

Individual Student Support

Individual Student services include direct observation in classroom or non-classroom environments, and providing support to educational teams in developing effective interventions for students who engage in challenging behavior. We are able to assist in collecting baseline data and writing individualized education plans and behavior intervention plans as well as conducting functional behavioral assessments to inform those plans for students with severe problematic behavior.

Professional Development for Education Staff

We happily offer professional development on a wide array of topics, from the development of effective behavior management practices to important considerations and strategies when managing severe escalation or dangerous behavior and anything in between. If you are interested in professional development or coaching services we will work with you to design a training model that will meet the needs of your organization and your staff.


Group training typically consists of both content acquisition components as well as concrete activities so participants can begin applying new concepts. Participants will leave with a broad conceptual understanding of the topic, as well as specific methods of application relevant to their day to day practice.


Coaching services include direct observation and consultation with individual staff as well as the opportunity to brainstorm solutions to challenges they are facing in their practice. In addition, we offer guidance in the design and implementation of behavior management and data collection systems on an individual student, and classroom or school-wide basis.